Name: VIP Rank
Price: 10.00 USD

+ Fancy nickname ability
+ Access to /back
+ Free fireworks!
+ Special VIP kits
+ Portable disposal
+ Portable workbench
+ Portable Enderchest!
+ Wear anything as a hat!
+ Repair any item
+ Get a skull of anyone with /skull
+ Stack items in inventory even if they are not usually stackable
+ 8 set home locations!
+ Silk touch Spawners 40% drop rate
+ Egg spawner to change spawn
+ Dye leather with cool dyes via command
+ Elytra boost, super boost [FREE]
+ Elytra speedometer
+ Scan for items nearby
+ Save inventory on death
+ HP Boss Bar for regular mobs
+ Item Salvaging (This can allow the player to extract enchantments without breaking item itself) (% chance) the more enchants the more chance it breaks
+ Sit anywhere
+ Ride anything
+ Glow colours!
+ Color your item names!